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Tim Hodges is the Marketing Director for Forest City Surplus and operates an Internet Marketing Consultancy. He is a Fanshawe College graduate.

Tim has experience as an organizational leader. He served as President of a section of the Canadian Information Processing Society from May 2006 to February 2011. In that role, Tim brought finances in line, increased attendance at meetings by 300 to 500 percent and worked on building a strong executive team for the future. He has been active in federal and provincial election campaigns.

Tim is always prepared to lead the charge. He has spearheaded a Freedom Party of Ontario local campaign to stop a municipal plan that sought to ban drive-throughs. He has also been engaged as a public speaker, opposing excessive taxation and overspending. For these and countless other efforts, Tim recently was awarded Freedom Party's prestigious Conductor award.

"Kathleen Wynne's tax and spend Liberals have to go", says Tim, "but we must be careful not to replace them with tax and spend Progressive Conservatives. The choice to elect a Freedom government is a choice to balance the budget without causing massive unemployment. Only a Freedom government will end the corrupt Liberal pricing schemes that are causing electricity prices to soar. I look forward to representing the people in Oxford at Queens Park has their MPP."

"Tim is not only a hard and responsible worker" says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever, "he's also a great guy. I encourage everyone in Oxford to meet Tim and see for themselves. He will make a great MPP for Oxford."